The Leanansidhe

The Leanansidhe (Lea) is Harry's faerie godmother. She is a High Sidhe, one of the nobles of the Winter Court. She appears to have at least three hellhounds at her command, as evidenced in Grave Peril.

Like most of the Unseelie (Winter) Court, she is cold and sometimes cruel in nature. Cunning and enchanting, Lea can alternate between caring and vicious at a moments notice. Despite her more cruel nature as one of the Unseelie she truly does care for her godson, albeit showing so in rather unconventional ways (such as wanting to turn him into one of her hounds to protect him).

Lea was the original holder of Harry's debt that now belongs to Mab. The debt was incurred when Mab helped Harry defeat his foster father. She has referenced a deal with Harry's mother as well, which may be why she looks out for Harry.

Physical Description

From "Grave Peril", by Jim Butcher"

A very tall, slender, inhumanly beautiful woman stepped out of the smoke. Reddish hair curled down past her hips in a riotous cascade, complementing her flawless skin, high cheekbones, and lush, full, blood red lips. Her face was ageless, and her golden eyes had vertical slits instead of pupils, like a cat. Her gown was a flowing affair of deep green.

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