Sidhe: Winter Court

The Winter Court is one of the two (known) courts of Faerie - and thus join largest of the many factions amongst the Fae, equalled only by their eternal rivals in the Summer Court1. In common with their winter theme, the court tend to be merciless where they are not actively cruel, ruthless, pragmatic and Darwinian in their outlook.

Despite the name, the Winter Court doesn't consist only of Sidhe - although the fairy nobles are the most prominent and politically active members it also holds the allegiance of a number of other fae, including the majority of malks, trolls, rawheads, hags and similar things.

The court is lead by the three queens of Winter - the Queen That Was (Mother Winter) - who may also be various archetypal crones such as Atropos and Skuld - the Queen That Is (Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness) and the Queen To Be (aka. the Winter Lady - originally Maeve but, as of Cold Days the Mantle has fallen to Molly Carpenter). There is also a Winter King - a Wyldfae associated with Winter but of an opposite nature to the Queen(s) - a job currently held by Kringle; and a Winter Knight - a mortal agent of Winter (Lloyd Slate until Changes, thereafter Harry Dresden). Symmetry would suggest a third male archetype for the court but there is no sign of onesuch in any file to date.

The Capital of Winter is located at the fortress of Arctis Tor.

Winter is also responsible for protection of The Outer Gates - a responsibility that balances out its far greater strength.

Mab is also noted as being the author of the Unseelie accords … hence the name.

Prominent Member of the Winter Court not already named above include:

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