McAnally/Mac McAnally

McAnally, also called Mac, is the owner of McAnally's Pub. He is first introduced in Storm Front.
He is a shortish, squattish man with grey hair. He is a man of few words, but when he says something, it's worth hearing. His bar is set up so that is magically warded for weaker magical practioners. There are 13 windows, 13 carved pillars, 13 tables, and 13 stools at the bar. McAnally is also a loyal friend of Harry Dresden.

Seen first in Storm Front, McAnally's is located only a few blocks away from Harry Dresden's office and a place where he goes to relax. Mac is the owner of the pub and a man of few words, however when he does talk he seems to surprise Harry with his knowledge. He's one of the first Harry speaks too when Susan contacts him in Changes about her "surprise".

McAnally's contains 13 stools which sit at the bar, 13 tables around the room, and 13 high-set windows above ground level in order to allow light in. There are also 13 mirrors placed on the walls to make it look more spacious. The 13 columns have carvings of different legends and folktales which help break up energies that may gather in the pub. They're muted in colors of sea green and earthy browns.

There is an old player piano instead of a jukebox, which Mac feels is less likely to malfunction, and low hanging ceiling fans, which Harry finds he has to be careful of when he walks into the pub.

In order to serve the people who come there, its rare that there is anything electrical, there's a wood burning stove used to cook food orders, and Mac does make his own ale, served warm. It's one of Harry's favorite drinks. When the food is done, it's self-serve.

Mac himself is tall and seemingly thin, and seems to be over 50, though it's not really stated.

Mac is a tall, almost gangly man of undeterminate age, though there's a sense to him that speaks of enough wisdom and strength that I wouldn't venture that he was less than fifty. He has squinty eyes and a smile that is rare and mischievous when it manifests Mac never says much, but when he does it's almost always worth listening to. Storm Front Pg. 54-55

There was't much which bothered Mac, his clientele consisted mainly of those like Mac and those who believed in what he dealt with daily.

McAnally's Pub was declared Neutral Territory under the Unseelie Accords in Dead Beat.

"Accorded neutral territory," he responded.

He meant McAnally's pub. Mac's place has always been a hangout for the supernatural crowd in Chicago. When the war broke out, someone managed to get it placed on a list of neutral territories where, by the agreements known as the Unseelie Accords, everyone respected the neutrality of the property and was expected to behave in a civil fashion when present. Proven Guilty Pg. 34.

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