Basic Information

Maggie - whose legal name is probably Margaret Angelica Mendoza - is the daughter of Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez, probably born sometime after Death Masks, and fostered with the Mendoza family in Guatemala whilst her mother was on active operations with the Fellowship of St Giles, her existence a secret even from her father.

Immediately prior to the events of Changes, at the age of approximately five years, she was seized by agents of Arianna Ortega, a Duchess of The Red Court, probably as a result of a betrayal from within the Fellowship. Once captured she was presented to The Red King and taken to Chichen Itza to be used as the focus of a Bloodline Curse which would destroy all of those related to her.

Once rescued, and with both of her parents dead (as of the end of Changes), she was evacuated to Chicago and fostered with The Carpenter Family where she remained as of Skin Game, despite her father having recovered from being dead.

As far as can be ascertained, she is a normal (if somewhat traumatised) human child - magical talent seems to be inherited down the distaff line (as per White Night) and her mother had been a normal human prior to vampirisation (which appears not to be heritable). What, if anything, comes of her rather impressive wizarding pedigree on her father's side, remains to be seen.

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