Harry's Pentacle

Harry Dresden wears a pentacle, a five-pointed star usually made with alternate points connected by a continuous line that was passed down to him from his mother, Margaret LeFay. It has saved him from a loup-garou, been used in plenty of spells and rituals, and bears many dents and scratches from its years of wear.

According to Goldentreewands.com, the pentacle is "the result of astrological research done over 6,000 years ago resulting in no connection whatsoever to Satanism or Christianity. Pythagoras utilized the Pentacle to represent the human being with the points of the star representing the head, arms and legs, adding the circle unifies and creates Spirit." This is what Harry references to in response to whether or not he's a Satan worshipper in Proven Guilty, "more like Pythagoras."

Though Pythagoras created the pentacle to represent human and their spirits, the pentacle is commonly used as a symbol of many Pagan religions- each of the five points representing the four elements and Spirit. It is a symbol that means most simply, "magic."

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