Throughout the various books in the series, Harry Dresden utilizes or acquires a variety of magical equipment. Generally, a new piece of equipment is introduced following the events of previous books. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

Shield Bracelet
Worn on the left hand, the shield bracelet is one of the first pieces of equipment mentioned in the series. It primarily serves as a magical focus to create kinetic shields, which block or redirect kinetic energy - i.e. physical blows or objects, such as bullets. It generally takes the form of a single plane of protection - i.e. 180 degrees - much like a physical shield. The shield is capable of absorbing a considerable amount of punishment, but is capable of being worn down with repeated strikes or sufficient power. During the novel Blood Rites, the limitations of the shield are shown in more depth, as heat (in the form of jellied napalm) is transferred through the shield and cripples Harry's hand.

During the novel White Night, Harry crafts an improved version of the shield bracelet capable of guarding against a wider variety of magical energies as well as kinetic blows. However, this comes at the cost of efficiency, as utilizing the shield is considerably more taxing on his magical reserves.

A canvas (and later leather) jacket enchanted with various magics to make it roughly equivalent to Plate Armor in terms of physical protection. It is sufficiently tough to provide resistance to low velocity handguns, however, military grade rifle rounds have the potential to penetrate.

Blasting Rod
This is a wooden stick engraved with various runes which glow brightly when power is channeled into it. It primarily serves as a magical focus to create various flame-based blasts - though the effects vary considerably with intent, power, and focus throughout the course of the series.

Kinetic Ring(s)
A ring designed to store the energy from small movements over long periods of time in a single large blast of physical force, which then drains the effect until it can be recharged. Over the course of the series, the initial single ring is replaced with 5 rings, each containing 3 loops holding the same power as the original.

Sunlight-emitting cloth
Utilized during the events of Storm Front, it stores a small amount of sunlight emitted in a bright flash. Used as a defense against vampires of the Red Court.

Unicorn-hair rope
Acquired after the events of Summer Knight, this rope is enchanted to automatically restrain a physically powerful opponent, and even remove them from the floor if necessary, with the limitation that the enchantment only works within Harry's apartment. Originally intended as a defense against Trolls, it is used to restrain Susan Rodriguez during Death Masks to prevent her from succumbing to (red court) vampire blood lust.

Shield Crystal
Crafted during the events of Turn Coat, the Crystal creates a very powerful shield around the user in the form of an impregnable sphere. If the shield is overpowered or is not disarmed in a precise manner, it explodes in all directions much like a bomb while leaving the user unharmed. Intended as a defense against zombies after the events of Dead Beat.

Little Chicago
A model representation of much of the City of Chicago. Embedded with actual elements of the buildings, and infused with various magical energies, it serves as a powerful method to track persons or objects within the confines of the city. Aside from its utility as a sort of magical GPS, it also serves as a protective fuse, isolating Harry from mental and psychic attacks when he is utilizing it - though this often causes damage to the model.

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