Black Court

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The Black Court comprises the most well-known kind of vampire: the reanimated bloodthirsty corpses described in Bram Stoker's Dracula. In fact, the publication of that book at the behest of the White Council1 is believed to be the primary cause of the Court's downfall. Black Court vampires still inhabit the human bodies they lived in before they were turned into vampires; the only difference is that their bodies have rotted like zombies in the time that they have been undead.

Black Court vampires possess all the classic strengths and weaknesses of Stoker's Dracula: they can lift and throw cars with one hand and crash through concrete walls without harm, but must sleep in their native soil and fear sunlight, garlic and crosses. The Black Court is currently the smallest and (politically) weakest of the Courts, although those few who survived the purges caused by Stoker's book are among the strongest and most cunning monsters in the world.


*Spoiler Warning*

Mavra is an ancient Black Court vampire who has demonstrated the ability to use magic and once tutored Bianca in the same. She appears in Grave Peril, Blood Rites, and Dead Beat.

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