The Alphas are a friendly, somewhat naive, group of young college students, who have the (magical) ability to transform themselves into wolves while keeping their human minds. They first appear in Fool Moon, where they are introduced as being mentored by Tera, seemingly a wolf who can take on human form. The Alphas, lead by Tera, support Harry in taking down a Loup-garou and a group of Hexenwolfs. In later novels, the Alphas have become friends of Harry Dresden, who sometimes hangs out with them. One of them, Billy, sometimes (beginning in Summer Knight) works as his assistant.

Known Members

  • Georgia McAlister Borden
  • William "Billy" or "Will" Borden
  • Kirby
  • Andi
  • Mitchell
  • Cindy
  • Alex
  • Tera West

About ten more are mentioned, but no names are given.

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