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This is hopefully on its way to becoming a one stop shop for all information concerning Harry Dresden and his friends, enemies, and all those who lie in the middle.

Please take care of this little Wiki and help it grow into something Mouse-sized (haha). Please keep it unbiased, the forums are open, so all your shippyness and opinions can go there. The only other thing I ask, is that you keep the book series and TV series separate, either as two separate pages for major people/places/things or under different headings on the same page, it'll just make things easier for other. Example Bob and Bob (TV series) Thank you!


Dec 30, 2009
Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) by Jim Butcher to be released on April 6, 2010 in USA.

-Keith Roe

The Dresden Files is up to its 11th book now! Turn Coat was released in April, and the 12th book called Changes is due to be out next year in April too!


May 16, 2007
We now have details about The Dresden Files Season 1 DVD! Check out the news post on Jim-Butcher.com.


April 18, 2007
So sad, the Dresden Files, Season 1 is now over, you may bow your heads in a moment of silence and hope for a second season.

In more joyous news, WHITE NIGHT is currently #4 in Hardcover Fiction on Publishers Weekly and #5 on the New York Times Bestseller list, as well as #17 on USA Today. (from Jim Butcher's Web Site)


April 6, 2007
The ninth book of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, White Night, has been released! In fact, it was released three days ago, but I'm a little late with my announcement.

If you haven't picked it up already, I highly suggest that you run to the nearest bookstore and get your copy. I'm not going to say anything that might spoil you, but if you want my opinion on it- IT BLOODY ROCKED MY COTTON SOCKS!


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